Google Assistant’s Quick Phrases Now Available on Pixel Buds Pro: How to Use It

Google has introduced the Quick Phrases feature to its Pixel Buds Pro, extending the capability already available on Pixel smartphones and other devices. Quick Phrases allow users to perform tasks by directly saying specific keywords without the need for the “Hey Google” wake-up phrase. In the case of Pixel Buds Pro, users can use phrases like “accept,” “decline,” “snooze,” or “stop” to control calls, alarms, and timers more conveniently.

While this feature simplifies certain tasks, its functionality is currently limited compared to traditional voice commands, and users need to be cautious about unintended actions or interference during conversations. The feature is accessible through the Settings app, where users can toggle on specific scenarios for Quick Phrases and choose a supported language from options like English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish.

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