WhatsApp Web Users Await New Security Feature: Chat Lock in the Works

WhatsApp is reportedly working on extending its Chat Lock feature to its Web client, allowing users to secure individual chats with an additional layer of security. The leaked image reveals a padlock icon placed next to Archived Chats and Starred Messages, indicating a dedicated tab for locked messages. While details about the functionality on the Web are not available, the Android and iOS versions use passcodes, fingerprints, or Face ID for authentication. Additionally, WhatsApp Web is expected to feature a redesigned sidebar and a new color scheme for the dark theme, enhancing user experience. The platform is also working on other updates, including passkey support for iOS and a nearby file-sharing feature for Android with end-to-end encryption to ensure privacy.

WhatsApp is committed to bringing the best features to its Web client, enhancing both functionality and security. The impending introduction of the Chat Lock feature is a notable step toward aligning the Web version with its mobile counterparts. Users will soon be able to enjoy an extra layer of protection for specific chats, making it easier to manage privacy concerns. Alongside this security upgrade, WhatsApp Web is gearing up for a revamped sidebar design and an updated color scheme for the dark theme. These aesthetic changes aim to provide users with a visually pleasing and cohesive experience across different devices, showcasing WhatsApp’s dedication to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

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