YouTube’s Colourful Experiment: Red, Green, and Blue Video Feeds Take Centre Stage in App’s Test Feature

YouTube is reportedly testing a distinctive feature on its mobile app, allowing users to choose between three colours — red, green, and blue — to create a dedicated video feed where all suggested videos follow a common colour theme. Although not widely available, some users have reported encountering this experimental option. The suggested videos in the feed do not share content similarities but are distinguished by the predominant colour in their thumbnails.

Key Points

Users on both Android and iOS have reported seeing a card on the home screen with the message, “Craving something new?” offering three colour options: red, green, and blue.

Upon selecting a colour, a separate video feed emerges, showcasing recommended videos with the specific colour scheme.

The colour-coded feed is an addition to the main home feed, providing users with a unique viewing experience.

The recommended videos in the colour-themed feed may not share thematic or content connections beyond the chosen colour scheme.

The feature’s purpose and functionality are yet to be clarified, raising questions about whether the colours are determined based on thumbnails or the entire video content.

Some users speculate that this could be a way for YouTube to collect data related to colour engagement for advertising and marketing purposes.

The experimental feature is considered quirky and may cater to users who appreciate a more aesthetic view of the app.

YouTube’s venture into colour-based video feeds presents an intriguing experiment that diverges from traditional thematic connections in content recommendation.

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