WhatsApp Introduces New Text Formatting Options Globally; Tests Profile Picture Screenshot Blocking Feature

WhatsApp has globally introduced four new text formatting options to enhance user messaging experiences. Users can now send messages with bulleted points, numbered lists, and two different styles for quotes, adding more versatility to their communication. This markdown-style syntax is accessible on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, Web, and Mac. The update allows for cleaner and visually appealing text messages, and users can easily implement these formatting options by following simple syntax rules.

In addition to the text formatting features, WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new security feature in its Android beta build (version This feature aims to protect users’ profile pictures from unauthorized screenshots. When enabled, others attempting to take a screenshot will see a black screen with a message stating, “Can’t take a screenshot due to app restrictions.” This additional layer of security enhances user privacy, preventing the misuse of profile pictures on the platform. While the text formatting options have already been rolled out globally, the screenshot-blocking feature is currently in the testing phase and is expected to provide users with more control over their profile picture privacy.

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