Google Pay Set to Launch SoundPod with Audio Alerts for Indian Merchants After Successful Pilot

In an exciting development for Indian merchants, Google Pay is set to introduce its innovative SoundPod, a wireless speaker designed to streamline payment verifications over the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Following a successful year-long pilot, the SoundPod is expected to roll out to small merchants across India in the coming months. The device, equipped with an LCD screen and a single speaker, aims to enhance the payment experience by facilitating faster checkouts. Notably, Google’s move into this space puts it in direct competition with rivals like Paytm and PhonePe, which already offer similar audio-based solutions for merchants in the country.

The SoundPod’s features include support for 4G connectivity, three LED indicators for battery and connectivity status, as well as menu, volume, and power buttons. The positive feedback received from merchants who participated in the trial underscores the potential impact of this technology on expediting payment processes. Paytm’s ‘Soundbox’ and PhonePe’s SmartSpeaker have already gained traction in the market, providing merchants with efficient audio-based announcement services.

Merchants opting for Google Pay’s SoundPod will have two subscription plans to choose from. The first involves a one-time fee of Rs. 499 along with a monthly subscription of Rs. 125. The second option is an annual subscription priced at Rs. 1,499, with the one-time fee waived for this plan. Additionally, Google Pay is offering cashback incentives to merchants who receive 400 payments in a month via QR codes, guaranteeing a Rs. 125 cashback.

This strategic move by Google Pay signals its commitment to enhancing digital payment solutions for small businesses in India, offering a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of digital transactions. As the rollout approaches, merchants anticipate the benefits of streamlined checkouts and improved overall payment experiences with the introduction of the SoundPod.

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