ChatGPT Enhances Accessibility with New Read Aloud Feature for Visually Impaired Users

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has introduced a new accessibility feature called “Read Aloud,” designed to assist visually impaired users. The artificial intelligence-powered chatbot can now audibly read out its written responses. This feature is distinct from the voice chat functionality introduced in September 2023, utilizing the AI model’s multimodal capabilities. The Read Aloud feature is available on ChatGPT’s Android and iOS apps, as well as its web client, supporting 37 different languages.

To use the Read Aloud feature, users can tap and hold a message on iOS or Android and then select “Read Aloud.” On the web client, users can click the “Read Aloud” button below the message. This feature is applicable to both ChatGPT 4.0, which powers the ChatGPT Plus version, and ChatGPT 3.5, accessible for free. While the voice chat feature focuses on verbal communication, Read Aloud enables users to listen to selected messages while maintaining text-based communication.

The Read Aloud feature provides a valuable solution for users who may be occupied and unable to read lengthy responses or for those who are visually impaired and unable to read at a specific moment. OpenAI continues to enhance ChatGPT’s capabilities, with recent developments including accessibility features and potential additions like a home-screen widget for the Android app.

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