X Unveils ‘Articles’ for Premium+ Users: A Dive into Long-Form Content

X, the rebranded microblogging platform formerly known as Twitter, has introduced a new feature named “Articles,” allowing users to share long-form written content. However, this feature is currently exclusive to premium users. X announced that only X Premium+ subscribers and verified organizations can access the Articles feature, with no confirmation of its availability for non-paying users in the future. Starting from March 8, Premium+ users and verified organizations can use the Article composer found in the Articles section on the web version of X to create and share long-form content.

The Articles feature supports various formatting options, including bold, italic, strikethrough text, bullet points, and numbered lists. Users can embed images, videos, or other X posts within an Article, and the character limit for an article is reportedly 100,000 characters or about 15,000 words. Articles will be visible in a dedicated tab on users’ profiles and their followers’ timelines, distinguishable by a unique icon and layout. Users have the option to edit or delete published Articles, offering flexibility in managing their long-form content.

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