Snapchat Introduces Watermark for AI-Generated Images

Snapchat recently announced its decision to implement watermarks on images generated using its artificial intelligence (AI) tools. This move aims to enhance transparency regarding the origin of such content. The platform’s premium users can utilize AI features like ‘My AI’ chatbot and the Dreams feature to create images, which will now bear a distinct watermark. This watermark will be displayed within the app and on images exported to users’ camera rolls, serving as a visual indicator of the image’s synthetic creation.

Parent company Snap emphasized its commitment to transparency in AI-powered features introduced since 2015, including AR Lenses and Generative AI Chat Wallpaper. The decision to add watermarks aligns with Snapchat’s efforts to ensure users are aware when interacting with AI-generated content on its platform. The watermark will feature Snapchat’s ghost logo alongside the iconic sparkle icon associated with AI, reinforcing the image’s synthetic nature.

Snapchat has explicitly warned users against tampering with or removing the watermark, as it violates the platform’s terms and conditions. Additionally, the company subjects all AI features to rigorous internal review and external AI red teaming to identify and address potential flaws. While currently accessible to Snapchat+ subscribers, both My AI and Dreams feature were introduced last year, offering users the ability to create AI-generated images.

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