How to Prepare Vitamin C Skin Toner at Home to Get Glowing Skin

It’s everyone’s dream to get healthy glowing skin. Some vitamins boost skin health and help you fight different skin issues. One popular vitamin that is loaded with benefits for skin is vitamin C. Vitamin C can help fight pigmentation. It can reduce redness and help you get even skin tone. It can also prevent the development of acne and keeps your skin hydrated. Vitamin C also protects against sun damage and reduces signs of ageing. You can prepare a simple vitamin C toner at home.

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To prepare this toner you need to buy vitamin C tablets that are easily available. Prepare green tea in on cup of water and allow it to cool properly. Now crush a vitamin C tablet and mix it in the green tea. Mix well and store this in a spray bottle.

Keep this in the refrigerator and can store it for 7 days. Use this toner before going to bed or according to your skincare routine. Spray it on clean face and allow it to settle properly.

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