Zodiac signs who have the sharpest memory

There are some people who remembers every detail of the incident that happened decades ago. They remember names, birthdays, good things, and bad things as well things that might have hurt someone. These are the people you wish you never cross paths with or have an argument with because they forgive but never forget. While some people intentionally memorise everything, it comes naturally to others. These are zodiac signs that have strong memories.


Scorpios have the sharpest memory out of all the zodiacs. Regardless of how silly the event may be, they can give you a detailed description of any moment in their life.


A Taurus will remember the smallest things about almost all the incidents that happened in their lives. So, try to be in their good books.

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This zodiac sign is sensitive and moody crab has a shell underneath which they hide their vigilante self. They keep a record of every memory worth remembering, especially the times when people have betrayed them.


A virgo  has a strong memory that allows them to pinpoint the problems and plan their every step.


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