Food items for kidney health

Food has important role in our daily life.  It’s our choice of what to eat in every day which will be enough to keep us healthy . When we get diagnosed by any disease,  firstly our everyday diet becomes important .

10 percent of the entire globe suffers from chronic kidney disease, who are limited by certain rules for food. They need to maintain a strict diet to survive with kidney disease. Kidneys are bean-shaped organs which purify the blood, release hormones to regulate blood pressure, balance body fluid, produce urine, etc. junk foods will make this situation worse so it’s better to stick to a healthy eating. Here are the foods that are good for kidney health.

Lesser Known health benefits of Capsicum


It is a nutritious vegetable with vitamin C, vitamin K, and the B vitamin folate. It has anti-inflammatory compounds like indoles and it has an excellent amount of fiber.


Blueberries contains good source of antioxidants as they have anthocyanins. It protects us from heart disease, cancer, cognitive decline, and diabetes.

Lesser known health benefits of Cardamom


Eggs contain a high-quality and kidney-friendly protein. They need to have a check on their protein levels while eating the egg whites.

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