Super food to stay always young

If you want to look young and beautiful always you will have to take special care of your skin. Healthy skin is considered as being flexible and shiny. But as we age our skin becomes colorless. Actually, the most damage to our skin is due to consumption of sugar. So, secret way to be young is to avoid sugar, if your skin is losing its color and attractiveness, then you should eat these eight things to make it young again:

 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Consume fresh fruits and vegetables, use whole grains. It has vitamins A, C and E. This will lower the blood sugar level and bring glow to the skin. Eat tomatoes, it contain an enzyme called lycopene that acts as an anti-glycation.

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 Eat fibrous things more

Eat gram, pulses, beans, etc. This will keep your digestion right, reduce blood sugar and compensate for the loss of glycation.

Green tea

Green tea is very good for the skin. Drinking two less green tea everyday will create healthy collagen in the skin.

 Eat fish, eggs, cheese

Increase the amount of carnosine nalled aminoacid in your food  it protects your body from glycation. Fish, cheese, eggs, pomegranate, carrots, cucumbers, soybeans, and garlic have high amounts of this. So their intake is helpful in staying young.

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