Father Linu’s Tasty world

What if you see a metal-clad priest as a cook in a video of making good chicken fried walnuts and well-roasted beef dry fry? Viewers will say to themselves: ‘Achen will live even if he is not a cook. Cooking will teach believers and non-believers alike. Father Linus Taste World, a YouTube channel, is gaining attention as Kochachan’s online shop in Puthenchira.

Mala, Puthenchira Muttikkal Rev. Fr. Linu Puthen Chakkalakal (35) set aside her free time for cooking. She learned to cook from her parents, Nelson and Mary. Nelson’s father went to help with the cooking work near the house. Even when he became a priest, Fr. Lin also made it a tool for charitable work. On special days and other occasions, stalls were set up in churches under the name ‘Kochachan’s Thattukada’.

Proceeds from this will be used to help the poor. With the lockdown, the number of church services has dropped. With this, ‘Kochachan’s Thatch Shop’ was relocated to YouTube. In all the churches where the service was performed, Fr. Lin ate. Muttikkal Church is a church under the Diocese of Kottapuram


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