Tips to lose weight after pregnancy

Pregnancy makes irreversible changes in a woman’s body.  A young mother must take care of her physical and mental health. So, she should incorporate a diet plan and a few simple exercises in her daily routine to stay fit and healthy. Most women put on weight during pregnancy so here are some easy exercises and the simple diet below to get back in  shape.

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Never skip your meals, starving does more harm than good so, have a well-balanced diet that consists of fibre, protein, a bit of carb and other important nutrients.

Eat fruits and vegetables like oranges, sweet lime, amla, guava, grapefruit, capsicum, broccoli, bitter gourd. These will help in keeping yourself well guarded against illnesses.

Walking is simplest of all exercises. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes. Walk at least for 20-30 minutes to begin with.

Do stretch exercise


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