Simple ways to spot a liar

Nobody wants to be lied to or betrayed. However, liars sneakily outperform all trust screenings. It can be difficult to spot a liar because they are usually very good at covering their tracks. However, there are times when certain hints point to dishonesty. As a result, identifying a blatant liar is not always impossible. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of quick and easy ways to spot a liar.

Eye contact

When telling a lie, liars will always avoid looking you in the eyes. They will avert their gaze and look around. They may also blink rapidly or stare into space on a regular basis.

Body language

Body language can reveal a lot about a person. A liar will usually keep to themselves. They’ll keep their hands hidden or tap their feet nervously. Strange licking or smacking of the lips is another sign that the person is not telling the truth.

Changing the subject

A liar will always attempt to change the subject. When they tell lies, they feel vulnerable. So they try to change the subject so they don’t have to tell any more lies and so the listener doesn’t pry any further to find out the truth.


When confronted with the possibility of the truth, liars become defensive and begin attacking you with questions about yourself rather than theirs. They become aggressive and refuse to answer any questions. They even attempt to divert the conversation by changing the tone to you.


When telling lies, a liar will sweat profusely because they are stressed and anxious. Sweating indicates that the person is extremely stressed and is most likely lying.

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