Nipah Outbreak Update: 702 Contacts Identified, Two Health Workers Display Symptoms

In the latest update on the Nipah virus outbreak, authorities have identified a total of 702 individuals who have come into contact with confirmed cases. These contacts are linked to three separate cases, with 371 people connected to the first deceased patient and 281 associated with the second case. Additionally, 50 individuals had contact with a child currently undergoing treatment. Alarmingly, two healthcare workers have begun displaying symptoms of the disease, and their samples have been sent for testing.

To expedite the testing process, seven samples have already been sent for analysis, and plans are in place to establish a mobile testing laboratory from the Pune Institute of Virology in Kozhikode. Control rooms have been set up at the government guest house to efficiently manage the situation. Those on the contact list are urged to reach out to the call center if they experience any symptoms. Meanwhile, local authorities are actively conducting awareness campaigns in affected areas, overseen by local government bodies.

The confirmation of Nipah in Kerala has put Tamil Nadu on high alert. Stringent checks are being conducted on passengers arriving from Kerala, particularly in districts bordering the state. Adequate isolation facilities have been arranged for individuals displaying fever symptoms, as part of precautionary measures.

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